Faded from the Winter de

Everyone has been sick in my household. Both kids simultaneously, then me. Then them again. Then all of us at the same time. It has been a hardcore fortnight, and I am just coming up for air. I wasn’t up for a challenge, and this coat pattern in the Burda Easy Autum/Winter 5/2015 was the instant gratification that I was after.

boucle 1

The black and white boucle I purchased a few years ago with the intention of making a similar style of coat to this one. That coat never came to be, but when I saw this one in the Burda Easy last year (“easy” was the only thing I could fathom at that stage my life) I immediately remembered this fabric and hoped to make this coat with it as soon as I was able.


True to the pattern I did not line this coat, I simply bound all facings and hems.

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