Get up, Get Down


When I made this jumpsuit in April I did not have a great deal of free time. Not that I have much now, but at that point the kids were not yet at morning playschool, so my sewing projects would end up being frustratingly long-winded (much like my blog posts). I had wanted a casual jumpsuit for so long: something to throw on without having to think about coordinating an outfit, but had not found any patterns that appealed to me enough to actually commit to the task, nor did I have the time or energy to draft a pattern from scratch.

I kind of came to a compromise, adapting the bodice from one of my old dress patterns and using an existing Burda jumpsuit pattern for the trouser section. I wanted a tapered leg and not an elasticated hem so I decided to use this pattern as a base for the trousers.


Only half convinced that it would end up being a wearable garment I first made it up in some old chambray that I had lying around. The leg came out a little wider than I had anticipated, but I didn’t mind this as it gave me some leeway to roll up the hems.

After being pretty happy with the result I purchased some soft, black Washer Cotton and made myself a black version too. Subsequent to me making this Burda has published some really awesome new jumpsuits and, now that I have a little more time on my hands, I will definitely be making this one in the not too distant future!



2 thoughts on “Get up, Get Down

    • Sarah-May says:

      Thanks Lydia
      It was newlook 6262 if memory serves. The v- neck version, but I remember lowering the v by a centimeter or two. I also extended the bodice as the dress bodice ends in the waist. Hope that helps 😃


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