Blue Blazered

I have been trying to be quite selective and considered in my choice of sewing project of late. I kind of have this idea that I would like to construct my perfect core wardrobe, the items (and patterns) that I hope to perfect and make, albeit in differing interpretations, year after year.

A blazer is an obvious addition to such a collection, and I’ve had my eye on this BurdaEasy FS/2013 blazer for a few years now. Reminiscent of a tuxedo blazer with its shawl collar and pointed hem, I figured this pattern would be a solid staple to sew time and again.


The original pattern has no pockets, which is not very practical for my lifestyle, so the addition of pockets was absolutely essential. I drafted welt pockets with flaps onto my version, my thinking being that if I am going to take the time to make a lined jacket, then it’s worth making a little extra effort to add on some pockets.

Ultimately, once I have tweaked the fit and pattern to make sure that it is perfect for me, I would like to buy some really good quality black fabric to make this style. Seeing as I was first testing out the pattern and this jacket was effectively a glorified toile, I decided to make use of fabric that I already had on hand. I had bought a medium weight checked fabric a couple of years ago with the intention of making a casual suit (I realise that this may sound bizarre, but I was thinking something like this, or this). Evidently that suit was one of my many ideas that (possibly fortunately) never came to fruition, but the idea of a checked blazer lingered on.


I made the Burda size 36 , which is confusingly nothing like a “size 36” in South Africa, but is the size that my measurements correspond closest to in the magazines sizing table. I think perhaps the 34 would actually have been a better fit for me though, seeing as the jacket is described in the magazine as “figure hugging” but mine came out with quite a spacious fit. This is not a bad thing necessarily, but was just not what I was expecting. As well as adding the pockets I also took about 9cm off the front points and reshaped them to the hemline, as I found them a little too extreme for me when I first fitted it on.

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