Shiny Things

I didn’t dare embark upon any elaborate projects last week, as the twins playschool was closed, and my personality is such that I get frustrated if I start something and have to abandon it before I make any real progress. I also find that when I’m in a rush I make so much more mess when I sew, and I find the chaotic work conditions to be quite stressful, which is exactly the opposite of what I would like my creative time to be.

The weather was unseasonably beautiful and so I decided to focus on enjoying my time with the kids and just try make use of whatever moments were available to me to be productive in whatever way that I was reasonably able. I spent more time on Pinterest than I have one in ages, which was actually really awesome, and I feel quite inspired for it.

Looking through some of my old pins I was reminded of a sequin obsession that I had a while back, and thought I would share some of the garments that I made at that time.

The following black viscose rayon dress was made by adapting this Burdastyle top pattern. I created a seam just below the waist and then drafted a very simple gathered skirt. This is really easy to do, and is basically just a rectangle cut to your desired length and fullness. Then I attached the skirt piece onto elastic measuring two thirds the total skirt measurement, and sewed that onto the bodice section.



The button-up blouse below is one of my own patterns, but a similar result could easily be obtained by adapting any commercial shirt pattern. I wanted to create a sequined blouse that I could wear casually in the day, or dress up a little in the evening.

I derive irrational delight from mitering corners, but if you are not confident in doing so then you could create a similar effect by drafting a seam to separate the top and bottom sections of the front of the blouse. After sewing the sequined yoke pieces to the side front pieces you could then attach it to the bottom section as one piece.  The sequined mesh that I used for the inset was super expensive so I only bought half a metre of it. I was pretty pleased with the result but haven’t worn it much lately, mostly because I haven’t got time handwash anything.



I still had some of the sequin mesh remaining after making the blouse and I didn’t want it to go to waste, so I made a Ponte knit dress based upon this burda style dress. I made quite a few modifications to the pattern by shortening the sleeves and the hemline, making an elastic casing at the waist seam, and turning the front tucks into darts as the Ponte did not drape in the way that I liked when I intitially sewed them as tucks