Golden Haze

Recently I posted about this  jacket that I made in a first attempt at developing the perfect blazer pattern, one that I hope to make into a few variations over time as I build up a collection of timeless wardrobe staples.

There is no shortage of information on Pinterest (or anywhere on the internet for that matter), on what comprises the perfect foundation wardrobe. I’ve never really been in a financial position to be able to justify spending large amounts of money on clothing (not that I’m sure that I would do so if I was), so purchasing expensive “core” wardrobe items is not something that I’ve ever really done. I always figured that seeing as I was able to sew I would only spend considerable amounts of money on leather shoes, jerseys made of natural yarns (I’m ashamed to admit that I’m unable to knit), and denim jeans, as my experience of making jeans in the past has always been a little disappointing.

As I’ve grown older and the demands of single parenthood have made my mornings into the most manic part of an altogether frenetic day, the idea of not really having to think too much about coordinating an outfit in the morning, yet still looking at least semi pulled-together, is becoming increasingly more appealing.

A leather biker jacket is a highly coveted addition to any such wardrobe. Its such a timeless piece yet is so versatile that it can be just as easily worn with jeans and a t-shirt as it can with a dress.

Before I splurged on a leather skin I decided to test out the pattern that I had in mind with gold linen that I already had in my fabric stash. I used this Burda pattern, but shortened the sleeves by 3cm’s as they appeared quite long in the pattern image, and I also removed the collar because I prefer the clean lines of a collarless biker jacket.

I was a little intimidated by the zippered welt pockets as I have never sewn them before, but it turned out that I was unnecessarily so. I found the instructions given to be really comprehensive and they were much easier too sew than I had feared! I used gold zips and poppers on my jacket, and if you have been following my blog or my Instagram you will probably have by now deduced that I’ve got a bit of a thing for gold.




I added on 3cm to the hem thinking that it may be too short based upon the measurements on the pattern, but this wasn’t actually necessary and I will revert to the original length on my next attempt. I’m really happy with result and will use it again to make up a leather version. I may just relax the panel lines slightly as it is a very tailored fit. Watch this space


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