For me one of the most rewarding parts of being able to make a pattern, is the ability to borrow design elements from beautiful garments that I find in my Pinterest perusals, and to implement them into my personal sewing projects, be it by tweaking an existing pattern or by drafting one from scratch.

French label Sézane is one of my fashion favourites, and a source of endless inspiration to me. I have yet to see a garment in any of their collections that I do not love and that would not fit seamlessly into my wardrobe and life. Alas they do not ship to South Africa.

….ha ha, who am I kidding?!?!

I could not afford their pieces even if they did ship here (never mind the heinous custom duties). If imitation is the highest form of flattery then Morgane Sezalory can consider this pattern hack another testament to my endless adulation of her brand.

I’ve long been a lover of ruffles and flounces  and have been incorporating them into my clothes for as long as I can recall. This love for feminine detail used to make me feel like a bit of a fashion outcast among the minimalist Monocle magazine obsessed hipster scene that dominates Cape Town, but since discovering labels like Sézane and Blazac  I have happily re embraced my natural aesthetic instincts.

This Alexis Blouse is perfection to me, and I’ve been wanting to sew something similar for a while. I decided to make my first attempt short sleeved, as we are about to enter Summer on this side of the equator, but I will undoubtedly be making more of these with longer sleeves for winter




I used this Burda pattern for this pattern hack. I lengthened it by 12cm, widened the neckline slightly and omitted the waist control dart, but you could use any loose fit blouse pattern to do the same sort of thing (you would just have to draft a button stand at the back if your pattern doesn’t have one). Pattern making is so much fun that I thought I would share the details of how to make a blouse like this for anyone who wants to give it a bash.


Flounce Tut 2.jpg



That’s pretty much it. If anyone wants to attempt this but still has some questions then don’t hesitate to give me a shout!

12 thoughts on “Alexis

    • Sarah-May says:

      Oh my goodness Sarah, it’s THE best! Nothing makes me happier than seeing something I love (and probably can’t afford) and interpreting it into my own designs. It’s So rewarding!


  1. Olga says:

    Hi! I have just discovered your blog via Instagram (thank you for posting the lovely dress pattern for free!), and I love it! I sew and like Burda magazine patterns as well, and find great inspiration in your posts. This is to say, I am totally copying this!


    • Sarah-May says:

      Hi Olga,Thank you for your kind words! I’m so glad you like the dress, and will be so stoked if you make a blouse like this based upon these instructions! Please send me pictures/ link if you do!


  2. sophie says:

    What a wonderful hacking! I love as well this brand but I can’t afford it..
    Your blouse is gorgeous and may have more value for you as you made it on your own!
    Well done!


    • Sarah-May says:

      ¡Muchas gracias! Estoy usando google translate, así que espero que lo que estoy diciendo no es tontería! Adaptar patrones es tan divertido, y ahorra tiempo de redacción desde cero.
      Gracias por leer, y por sus amables palabras!


  3. michelle gibbs says:

    Hi Sarah 🙂 I’ve recently become a bit of an instagram addict (particularly of ‘sewists’ who’s styles I love!) I came across your blog via makerstyle I think and I’m also from Cape Town so apart from enjoying your me made may inspiration I’m stoked to find someone in the local sewing community on instagram too 😉
    I love your Orla dress, thank you so much for making a PDF pattern for it, I’ve downloaded and am looking forward to giving it a try (I’m not a very accomplished sewer/sewist, but have recently done two courses with Mascha from ISewWithMascha and I’m so inspired to make my own clothes going forwards, there’s so much we can do!
    This Alexis blouse is beautiful, wow, thank you so much for sharing how you altered it. I’m definitely keen to give it a bash… need to get off the instagram and behind the sewing machine asap! Good luck with the pdf pattern making, I look forward to seeing what you come out with next 🙂 Michelle


    • Sarah-May says:

      Ah awesome! A fellow Cape Townian sewist!! Thanks for your kind words, pls don’t hesitate to drop me a message if you have any questions about making my dress (or anything really). Making your own clothes is so much fun, you’re gonna love it! It’s even more addictive than instagram!


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