Such Great Heights

I will keep todays post short, and let the gorgeous photos do the talking. Just to give you some context, these were done as a collaboration between my friend who is an incredible makeup artist, and super talented Cape Town photographer Dear Heart.

I was very excited to have a wedding dress that I made included in the shoot, and am so stoked to have such amazing documentation of my work! I love the ethereal quality of these photos taken on  Signal Hill, and the juxtaposition between the natural scenery of Table Mountain and the view of my beloved city.

All Photos:  Dear Heart Photography












9 thoughts on “Such Great Heights

  1. Joyce says:

    Wow! That dress is amazing! I especially love the sheer lace back and the overall simplicity of the design. I found your site via handmadebycarolyn and her post on your Orla pattern. I’m hoping to try it out in the near future. I’ll post on IG when I do.


  2. Rebecca says:

    The dress is gorgeous! Was that a stretch lace On the bodice and perhaps a nude lining on the back piece so she could wear a bra? Really pretty. Nice job!


    • Sarah-May says:

      Thank you Rebecca 😊. It actually isn’t stretch lace, it was a very pricey Italian silk lace (hence the small amount used). I didn’t do a nude lining at the back, but should have down in retrospect. The idea of the bare back is great in theory but very impractical!


  3. Rebekah says:

    What a beautiful dress!! I just made your Orla and love it. Everyone is so impressed with the dress. Thank you for the pattern. I’d love a pattern for this incredible dress, too! Haha!


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