Hi there, I’m Sarah.

I live in the beautiful city of Cape Town and am a full-time working (unfortunately not in a creative field) mom  to my  beautiful twins Ben and Freja.

I studied fashion design when I finished school and, although I have never really stopped sewing and making patterns on the side,  somehow life got in the way and I was not able to pursue my passion as a career.

I started this blog as a personal project in an attempt to preserve my sanity. In the ten long months that my husband was working abroad (and I was living alone with our tiny twins),  it served as a much needed creative outlet and distraction from loneliness, laundry and sleep deprivation. I was quickly completely overwhelmed by love and support that I was shown by the online sewing community and now I can’t imagine my life without you guys!

I released my first (free) PDF pattern a few months after starting my blog and have, since then, been working really hard and dreaming of one day making this my ‘real’ job instead of my side hustle.

Please feel free to write me an e-mail and/or comment. I love hearing from you guys and will do my best to respond as soon as I am able.

Contact: frenchnavy.info@gmail.com