Hi there, I’m Sarah.

I live in the beautiful city of Cape Town.

I started this blog as a personal project in an attempt to preserve my sanity. It served as a creative outlet and welcome distraction in the ten long months that my husband was working abroad and I was pretty much living as a hermit with our small twins.

I’m pretty shy and battle to speak about myself in real life so I am finding this part pretty challenging. I love sewing (in case you hadn’t noticed), art, interiors, good coffee (I’m one of those annoying coffee snobs, if I’m honest), really dark chocolate (especially the salted variety), and music. I haven’t slept later than 4 am in almost two years (not by choice).

I could go on but I’m not sure that any of this is relevant or interesting. If you like to sew then perhaps you will find something of interest here.

I’m super happy to answer any questions about my makes so please feel free to ask away!