The Finish Line

Wow, I'm so relieved to finally be writing this blog post after what seems like an eternity of digitizing, testing, editing, emailing, (/Instagram/ Facebook messaging), re-editing, redrafting, re-re-editing, and very little sewing, (of anything other than the Forsythe Dress). Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy/ed the process (mostly), but it has been a real … Continue reading The Finish Line


Completely convinced that I wanted to build a conservative wardrobe of muted tones and classic lines, nobody was more surprised than I was when, after "quickly" nipping out to get some sewing thread, I returned home an hour (or more) later with an armful of more floral prints than I care to mention. Although I did not … Continue reading Palms

New Ways

If you have read my last post you would recall me lamenting the loss of a number of items from my handmade wardrobe that I deemed too "young" to wear any longer because of their Peter Pan collars. I gave most of these garments away to some of my  younger friends who I knew would appreciate the time and … Continue reading New Ways

Shiny Things

I didn't dare embark upon any elaborate projects last week, as the twins playschool was closed, and my personality is such that I get frustrated if I start something and have to abandon it before I make any real progress. I also find that when I'm in a rush I make so much more mess when I … Continue reading Shiny Things


An unprecedented appreciation for silence has accompanied my foray into parenthood. Even on evenings that conclude the most sleep deprived of days, when I should sensibly retire to bed as soon as I am able, I invariably find myself sitting in solitude simply enjoying the absence of sound. This week the twins have started morning playschool. … Continue reading Silently