The Forsythe Dress Tester Roundup

I could never put into words the contribution that my pattern testers made to seeing this pattern come to fruition. I was about as clueless about the process as a PDF pattern maker could possibly be when I first decided this was all a good idea (insane in retrospect).

Sure I have released the Orla dress which has been so lovingly received by the sewing community (thanks guys!) and I guess that was very soft introduction to it all, but I am not oblivious to the fact that people can be pretty forgiving when it comes to a freebie!

As someone who has been drafting my own patterns since my first year of Fashion college (way before I knew what I was doing) some 16 years ago,  I have a pretty limited experience with purchased patterns, be they Indie (I seriously only learnt about the existence of such a thing last year) or otherwise.

This awesome group of ladies offered me endless support and encouragement as well as educating me on so many things! While the majority of these lessons related to the expected stuff like fit, sewing instructions or metric to imperial conversions, there was also a wealth of wisdom, and perspective constantly available to me when I was feeling overwhelmed (often). I am forever enriched by knowing and interacting with these incredible women, who I now think of as friends, scattered across the globe.

Olga | @soapandchalk

“The style of this dress with it’s loose/boxy cut is very current. The proportions of this dress are great: it’s very comfortable, but does not look oversized.”


Anya| Anna Zoe Sewing @anna.zoe.sewing

“It is very versatile! It is also flattering. I love how it shapes without being too tight”.


Hannah | @match_makes


Imelda | @knitmetogether 

“I love the dropped waist and relaxed fit. It’s comfortable and could be worn throughout multiple seasons”


Chloé | @lekaffeeklatsch | kaffeeklatsch 

“I loved testing this dress, and honestly I didn’t know how much I needed a dress like that: easy to wear, comfortable and pretty! It is ideal for me as a teacher in hot summer days!”


Rachel | | Maker Style


Caroyln |@handmadebycarolynHandmade by Carolyn

” A nice easy-wearing little dress, I love the pockets, sleeve cuffs and the neckline.”


“This is my first tester version… you can probably see straight away I folded the excess skirt fabric into pleats in the front rather than gathers, this just suited my fabric better because it was a little stiff. I used three different fabrics, harvested from three pairs of my husband’s old dress trousers. I love it so much I’m wearing it today!”


Rebecca | @rebeccajpelletier Vida Doce

It is my favorite dress that I’ve made in a long time. It’s such a flattering, creative design that I’ve been recommending it to all my sewing friends”.


Marie|@basileetleon Basile & Leon


Maddie | @maddiemadethis Maddie Made This

“I love the sleeves, I’m really into the cuffed sleeves right now!”


Genevieve | @sew_genevieve   


Emily |  @replicatethendeviate


Denise | @sewnini 

“It’s a versatile dress pattern that can be made up in a wide range of fabrics and is comfortable and stylish. The first day I wore it four different people asked me where I got it. They all stated they’ve been looking for a dress like this”.


Hsin | @luigiwu


Jenny | @msjennyhomemaker | Ms Jenny Homemaker


Jo |  @joislateagain

“It is so ridiculously easy to wear. It’s loose but not frumpy, fashionable but not overly trendy, and it has pockets”.


Asheley | @terrapinna

“This is a really comfortable dress. I don’t wear dresses that often , but this will definitely be worn this summer. I like that it is casual but stylish, and I can put it on and feel much more put together than I usually look.”

“You definitely struck that delicate balance of concise and comprehensive. I liked the nice construction details. This was a really nice sew – everything went together just like it was supposed to.”


Suzy | @sewing_in_spain


Trine | @trine.schroeder  | Groovy Baby and Mamma