The Calyer Pants Tester Roundup

I find the testing process to be quite a stressful one. Putting something that you have worked SO hard on out there, for the scrutiny of others, is nail-biting business.

Luckily I (once again) had the coolest ladies on my team. The Calyer pants pattern would not be what it is today without their feedback, suggestions, words of encouragement, and support!

Anya | @anna.zoe.sewing | Anna-Zoe 

” This is definitely my new favourite pant pattern! “

Erin | @bravefabrics

“A very beautiful pant with great instructions, I didn’t get stuck once…there was nothing really I could fault or would change!”

Trine | @trine.schroeder  | Groovy Baby and Mamma

” I’ve just finished my first Calyer and I couldn’t love them more. Everything went smoothly – every notch matched and the instructions are beyond great.”

Nancy  | @NotFancyNancy

“The style of the pattern is great – funky and comfy. While they’re a basic elastic-back pant, the finishing details elevate it to another level. The clean finish on the pockets and waistband make it a fun sew.”

Olga | @soapandchalk

“I love these pants so much!  Thank you for making this pattern!”

Rebecca | @rebeccajpelletier

“These are truly my “dream” pants. I’ve worn them three times this week and I’m not even ashamed. “

Dana | @gingerootss

“The pattern instructions are spot on. I will keep tweaking these until they fit perfect. Calyer are the pants of my dreams!”

Emily |  @replicatethendeviate

“Awesome pattern!! Love the pockets and placement! The flat front is really flattering!”

Chloé | @lekaffeeklatsch |

Masha | @Itinerantseamstress

I really enjoyed sewing this pattern. It’s an easy, quick sew that turns out very polished pants. Plus they fit me so well with minimal tweaks”

Caroyln |@handmadebycarolynHandmade by Carolyn

” This is the pair of Calyer pants I made for my daughter. I think they look very elegant on her and she loves them!”

Jill | @lovefromjill

“I love this pattern; the narrow legs with the off-set side seams! I have crazy skinny legs, and these are just right!!”

Vanessa | @svwetton

 …so quick to make – I could have a new pair in an hour! Unique, easy to put together, very well finished and beautiful – it would be hard to improve upon at this point!”

Lacey | @Lhalvors

Mary | “I was very pleased with the pattern. I had to make no alterations except to the length and I loved the pockets. I will be making more soon. I think almost everyone needs a pair of these pants”

pants 2-8-2018-1

Anica | @cararbolkeax