The Xanele Longs Tester Roundup

Samantha | @sammieseams

“I hesitated a long time about testing for these pants because I simply lack the courage to do so. I have real wide hips, and chunky thighs from playing volleyball in school, so I’ve always had this irrational fear of sewing pants. Rise adjustments terrify me. BUT! I am so in love with my first pair of pants!! Maybe it’s beginner’s luck – but I’ll take it! I love the shape of the pockets because I feel that it doesn’t gape open like the RTW pants I try. The pants came together real easily!”

Meghan | @under.the.elms

“I measure ~38” (96cm) hips and made size D with prob 1/4” removed out of each side (so graded between C and D but way closer to D. The fit is perfect and they’re so versatile”

Lianne | @ama_lianne_sewing

“I am 1.72, hip 101, waist 73 and made a straight size D, view B with the tapered leg. Used the print at home file and printed only Size D and the info layer. First of all I love the way it looks! Used a suiting fabric with quite a bit of drape and I think it worked out pretty well. I would really wear this to work, but in a brighter color and lighter fabric I would also wear it around the house.”

Sarah | @a.little.quiet.sewing

“I love this pair of pants soooo much. I feel I can dress up with these wool trousers up or dress casually.”

Siska | mindfully_making

Maaike | @sewing_maaike

“I made an size F but next time I go for an E… I stitched the pleat 6 cm and shorten the pants 6 cm. I think the fit is really great! And the instructions also. I made a matching sleeveless vetiver to go with it.”