The Xanele Shorts Tester Roundup

Lianne | @ama_lianne

“Ok bring on that Table Mountain Sarah May! I am ready for the hike (except for the shoes I guess 😅) this is a lovely pattern. I LOVE IT and I will make many more!! Instructions were clear to me. I made a size C and my height is 171 cm’s. It is really comfortable. Ps: I am wearing the stellan tee too”

Meghann | @under.the.elms

“It’s a wonderful pattern, so well constructed and planned. These are tied with Persephone shorts as my fave shorts”.

Siska @mindfully_making

Lucy @lucymakes_things

“Love love love these! This is a straight size H, fits hips perfectly, fitted but lots of room to move and legs aren’t riding up. Made in a linen lyocell. Paired it with an Astair Tee”

Ashley| @littlebitco


“I have just finished sewing up my Xanelé Shorts and THEY ARE AMAZING!!! Outside of a great style, this is the best fitting crotch curve I’ve ever come across”.

Tania @tania.ho

This was such an easy and quick pattern to sew and I’m really happy with how they fit. I made a size E based on my hip measurements (103 cm) and I think they have the right amount of ease. I used a washed linen, which will make these perfect for summer“.

Chloe @no.idle.hands

“Fit is great and these shorts are so comfy in linen! Perfect paired with my Bowery Top”

Sarah @a.little.quiet

“I LOVE this pattern!”

Sarah | @2ducks_swimming

Emma | @craftyclyde

“I absolutely love these shorts. I spent all of last year trying to fit shorts – these were perfect out of the pack! Will be making more I am sure”

Chloe @lekaffeeklatsch

It’s really a quick sew. Thank you Sarah for a great simple pattern! I will wear and sew many more

Alexis | helloalexisbailey